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V2 collection

We are excited to be adding a new outdoor clothing item to our V1 collection. The Relicko Hoodies are designed for those cold outdoors adventures.

They are perfect adding additional protection to the elements under your outdoor wear.

We are thankful to all the positive feedback we have been receiving about our T-shirt line and are passionate about producing and designing the best clothing for your next adventure.


Over the last month the Relicko team has been sampling many different products and constructing various designs for all types of outdoor explorers.

We have final pulled together the 'Summit' design, where we have embedded a mountain into the logo with contrasting colours.

So no matter what colour hoodie you go for, you will always stand out.  

Screenshot_20230227_140002_Messenger (1).jpg


Relicko Hoodies are made with 80% cotton and 20% polyester.

The hoodies are designed to be eye catching and appropriate for any situation from being breathable to warm wearing.

The hood of the hoodie double layers making it perfect for breaking the wind.  

The dongles attached to the hoodie to adjust size can be easily removed by just pulling, we do warn that you do remove before climbing or any outdoor sports due to there being Metal on the ends of the dongles and can cause harm.

Image by Max Williamson
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