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Cai @caicarterclimbing

RELICKO Ambassador

Hi I’m Cai, and I’ve been working with Relicko since early January and have been climbing for just under two years. I started climbing as I wanted to get fit and had been watching world cups all through lockdown while the gyms were closed, when they re-opened I was bedridden due to a broken heel. Once I was better I had more motivation to crush than ever, all through summer I worked hard to get better every session. I started my Instagram @caicarterclimbing back in October 2022 to show my progression, I have steadily grown to over 300 followers and almost 50 posts (go check it out 😉). I post mainly the hard/cool/interesting climbs I find in various gyms around the U.K., I’m based in swansea and my local gym is @flashpointswansea which opened in June 2022. Not only do I post hard sends, but also participate (and crush) in casual/competitive competitions around the UK. My favourite Relicko Item by far would be the White Horizon Tee (I’m wearing it while writing this) but love every single Tee and Hoodie they bring out. My plans for the future is to keep crushing and hopefully send a V11 by the end of the year🤞🏼, grow my social media, meet new people around the U.K. at climbing gyms and to inspire people to try climbing 🤙🏼

Cai   @caicarterclimbing
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