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Charles @charlesgoesclimbing

RELICKO Ambassador

I love to climb, whether that be sport climbing, bouldering or generally training to get healthier and stronger everyday! I love climbing as it has improved my mental health, kept me fit and active, and has made me loads of new friends since I started! 

For me, my socials is a journal but it’s full of pictures and videos so one day I can look back and see how I far I have come! As well as silly stuff of me when climbing and generally my climbing journey, where I go, what I do and how I do it.

I’ve been very grateful to have the opportunity to work with Relicko, with 10% of profits going to Climbers Against Cancer I know that working alongside this brand means they’re doing the right thing and I support this massively. My favourite item from Relicko has to be their V2 black hoodie! On a recent trip to Fontainebleau, I wore it everyday and it kept me incredibly warm when temperatures dropped not to mention how unfathomably comfy it was! 

In the future I plan to improve my aerobic and anaerobic capacity endurance on the walls as well as my footwork! It has let me down recently so these are my areas I look to improve on! By the end of 2023 I want to be comfortably climbing 7a, after achieving a recent send of f6c on ‘Dallain’ in Fontainebleau… this goal is getting closer and closer!! 

Charles @charlesgoesclimbing
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