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Owen @owen_stonehouse

RELICKO Ambassador

Hi, my name is Owen and I'm 24 years old, My favourite relicko item has got to be the purple cliff hanger t-shirt! It just stands out to me the way the climber is pictured on the rock I just love it.

I started climbing in summer 2019 and never stopped really, it just took over my life in an instant, climbing is an escape for me really, it's a way for me to completely clear my mind, when I'm on the wall the only thing I'm thinking of is the next move, everything else is just silence, my goals as a climber is to climb V16 and to be an Olympic athlete or at the very least win the British bouldering championships one day, you can follow my journey and progression through my reels and photos on Instagram @owen_stonehouse

Owen @owen_stonehouse
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