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Yasmin @yasacado

RELICKO Ambassador

Hello! I’m Yasmin but you can call me Yas or Yassi. 

I’m from London and I started climbing in 2021. Climbing has been an escape route for me and a bundle of fun! I do love a cheeky crimpy climb and a dyno. You can check out my climbing and gym shenanigans on my Instagram - @yasacado  

I found out about Relicko in April. I fell in love with their products and design. My favourite item is the Relicko Summit Hoodie. I wear it all the time to the climbing gyms and even abroad! I have been wearing the original horizon t-shirt which has become my go-to climbing outfit. 

My goal at the moment is to become confident in top rope climbing. Now, that’s enough about me! Let’s go and crush some climbs! 

Yasmin @yasacado
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